The image of dazzling lights shooting up into the sky. The momentary pause, and then the glorious explosion as the fireworks decorate the skies in their fullest majesty. Children in Japan would shout excitedly and call these "Hanabi". Here, we call them "Fireworks".

Our restaurant, Hanabi 花火 seeks to bring the elegance of fireworks into our food and service in two ways:

First, we see it as our duty to instill the sparkling and fantastic atmosphere of fireworks in our food. It will shine of freshness and radiance to create dazzling fireworks in our customers' eyes.

Our second calling is 孝"Courtesy". By this, we mean to infuse everlasting respect in our services. Hanabi will provide superior service to every each one of our customers.

Binding these two ideas together, we will bestow the finished concoction to our customers with our continual promise to always seek better quality.

Here, you will also taste oriental grandeur at its finest aptitude. In particular, you will experience a variety of dishes from all sorts of creations, and always with the Japanese style incorporated as the base.

Hanabi 花火is a place to taste foods in a comfortable, snug location where the table is a place to learn about culture, and pleasant service is all.

We promise to respect every single customer and give each one full attention and required service because we always adhere to our policy of beautiful Fireworks in our food and Courtesy for you.

Warmest Regards,



2525 W. Anderson Ln. Bldg3

#120 Austin, TX78757